From Enemy Mine to Flight of the Navigator, here are 10 80s sci-fi adventure movies that are still worth checking out. It’s a shame that so many movies fight a losing battle to stay relevant as generations come and go. Whether it’s a summer blockbuster or a budget-strapped B-movie, great movies frequently find themselves relegated to the basement of silver screen history. The following are ten excellent sci-fi/adventure films from the 1980s that have mostly been forgotten, but definitely deserve your attention! Grab your popcorn, and let’s dial things back to a decade of unbridled movie creativity.

2. EXPLORERS (1985)
Children were the beneficiaries of 1985’s Explorers. It’s one film that successfully taps into the wonder and imagination of kids, and their ability to dream big. It’s also a star-studded film with a very young Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix rounding out the stellar cast.

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