Lili Taylor is one of the best cinematic talents of modern times, but generally underrated and overlooked. Here are her best movies, to date.

2. Dogfight (1991)
Nancy Savoca’s Dogfight is one of the great films of the 90s. It concerns an 18-year-old man (River Phoenix) who falls in love with Lili Taylor’s Rose before he goes off to fight in Vietnam The two meet due to a demeaning chauvinistic game. Taylor and Phoenix shed any falsehoods and create two characters who’s love is born of heartbreak and need, as the two traverse the changing times around them. It is a powerful piece that reaches the soul. Moving and profound, this is one of the very best films ever made to deal with the Vietnam War and its effects on Americans.

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The Vietnam War has inspired dozens of filmmakers- and according to Rotten Tomatoes, these are some of the best movies made about it.

6. Dogfight (78%)
Marine, Eddie Birdlace (River Phoenix), who’s shipping out for Vietnam in the morning, spends his last night in San Francisco with his pals attending a bar event called a “dogfight.” The rules? Each guy must bring an unattractive date to be judged according to ugliness. When Eddie bumps into Rose (Lili Taylor), he thinks he’s found the perfect girl for the event, but as the night goes on, he finds himself falling for her.Less a film directly about the conflict than the young people it would chew up and spit out, Dogfight is a snapshot of youth culture in a time of profound upheaval.

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Brendan Fraser was everywhere in the nineties. Though he may not still be a leading man, the Hollywood actor has some impressive films on his resume.

3. Dogfight (1991) – 7.4
This 1991 film follows a marine in the ’60s who hopes to spend his final night before deployment in San Francisco with his friends. Though their idea of a night out involves rating girls on their unattractiveness, it’s not long before he begins to fall for the young woman he at first plans to mock. Though River Phoenix stars as the marine and Lili Taylor plays his love interest, Fraser acts in a minor role as a sailor who fights with Phoenix’s gang. While Dogfight had a low box office opening, fans couldn’t help but become interested in the surprisingly sweet story.

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