Indiana Jones is one of the most iconic characters in cinema history. We look at the argument for which is his greatest big screen adventure.

9. The Last Crusade: The Opening
While Raiders of the Lost Ark might have been the first-time audiences met Indy, The Last Crusade showed us Indy’s earliest adventure. The opening flashback features young Indy (played by River Phoenix) taking on some treasure hunters.

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Brendan Fraser was everywhere in the nineties. Though he may not still be a leading man, the Hollywood actor has some impressive films on his resume.

3. Dogfight (1991) – 7.4
This 1991 film follows a marine in the ’60s who hopes to spend his final night before deployment in San Francisco with his friends. Though their idea of a night out involves rating girls on their unattractiveness, it’s not long before he begins to fall for the young woman he at first plans to mock. Though River Phoenix stars as the marine and Lili Taylor plays his love interest, Fraser acts in a minor role as a sailor who fights with Phoenix’s gang. While Dogfight had a low box office opening, fans couldn’t help but become interested in the surprisingly sweet story.

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From Enemy Mine to Flight of the Navigator, here are 10 80s sci-fi adventure movies that are still worth checking out. It’s a shame that so many movies fight a losing battle to stay relevant as generations come and go. Whether it’s a summer blockbuster or a budget-strapped B-movie, great movies frequently find themselves relegated to the basement of silver screen history. The following are ten excellent sci-fi/adventure films from the 1980s that have mostly been forgotten, but definitely deserve your attention! Grab your popcorn, and let’s dial things back to a decade of unbridled movie creativity.

2. EXPLORERS (1985)
Children were the beneficiaries of 1985’s Explorers. It’s one film that successfully taps into the wonder and imagination of kids, and their ability to dream big. It’s also a star-studded film with a very young Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix rounding out the stellar cast.

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There are few for the screen — or remade several times. Here’s a look at the best movie and TV versions of the the author’s work.

Stand By Me (1986)
Sometimes lost in all of those volumes of white-knuckle horror prose is the fact that King is more than just creeping dread and gotcha scares. He’s also a master of nostalgia. may be the clearest example of the author’s Proustian obsession with the smallest quotidian details of youth — the recollected smells, sights, and sounds of long-ago summer nights that we’re only able to share with our oldest (and first) friends. But yes, there’s also a dead body. Told in sun-dappled flashback, Stand By Me revolves around four childhood friends (beautifully played by , , Jerry O’Connell, and ) who, in 1959, set off to find that dead body. But really it’s about male bonding, the first taste of freedom, and how the most insignificant things (a catchy pop song, a campfire story about a pie-eating contest puke-athon) can feel like the only things that matter.—Chris Nashawaty

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